Visit of the cave

The cave was discovered in  1836 by a hunter whose ferret slided in a cavity. So far, 57 km of galleries have been explored and listed.

During a guided tour of one hour, you will discover an underground network, converted and illuminated in an enchanting manner.

The cave of Saint Marcel contains a vast network of underground galleries, amazing basins, eccentric formations and immense rooms.

The guided visit will allow you to reach the most beautiful rooms of the network on a 600m long circuit.

The cave of Saint Marcel d’Ardèche will leave you without  any doubt an unforgettable memory.

Useful  information :
  • The guided visit lasts one hour
  • Temperature of the cave : 14 degrees,  summer and winter alike
  • Visits are possible in English, German and Dutch
  • Rates and timetable 
  • Access 



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